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Posted by chenglibrary on December 12, 2012

FROM: Allen G.

FEEDBACK:  The only concern is that many students have loud conversations (phone or laughs)in the library(2nd floor. There should be some kind of control on this issue. Perhaps announce on the speaker once in a while or library personnel could walk around once in a while the library to enforce not to have loud voices. Also, there should be a section of the library where students can meet and talk about their assignments and another quiet section. Thank you.


Dear Allen G.:   Thank you for your feedback about noise on the second floor of the Library.  The entire second floor is designated a Quiet Zone, but the study areas in the front of the building are supposed to be Very Quiet.  This is a particularly difficult time of the semester and the Library is more crowded than usual. If you experience a noisy situation, please feel free to speak to a staff member at either the Reference or Lending Service desks and they will address the issue at that time.  Perhaps your fellow students will read this posting and realize how disruptive talking and laughing can be in a study area. Please note that the Friends Room on the first floor is a place where students may eat and chat. There are also study rooms on the second floor where groups of three or more can meet to work together.  I hope this information is useful to you; good luck with your end-of-semester exams and assignments. 

Anne Ciliberti, Dean of Library Services


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