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Lost Books

Posted by chenglibrary on March 13, 2012

FEEDBACK:  If someone doesn’t return a book, you should fine them, and then use that fine to perhaps buy a new copy of that same book. I read there is also a $15 extra for lost books. I don’t know if this money is used for parties or what, but there are at least 2 books that the library had lost in 2010 they haven’t bothered to replace, and the ILL sure as hell isn’t too keen on letting people borrow books for more than 2 weeks. If this library had the book, I could have it the whole semester (assuming there were no other holds) or if the ILL allowed people to check out a book more than once, it would be peachy, but now I’m paying all this money as part of tuition but I’m not able to actually use books I need.


Dear Library User:  Thank you for your feedback on replacing overdue and lost books. This reply may be more than you wished for, but let me explain:

1. We do not immediately replace every lost book with the exact same title, although the librarians do review the lost titles on a regular basis. The reason for this is that there may be a newer edition or a newer title on that topic.  If you need an exact title that was lost, please speak with a Reference librarian about it.  Once we know the title, we can investigate if it is available as electronic book which would make it more accessible to you and to others.  Depending on the title, the book may also be available at another public or academic library where you can borrow it using our reciprocal agreement.  A Reference librarian will help determine if the title is available at another library.

2. The Library and Media Services do charge overdue fines whenever materials are returned late.   Once materials are 90 days overdue, we consider the items lost and bill the patron for replacement and processing.  If you see that a book in our catalog has a status of “Lost” that means that we have billed the person for replacement and that we are in contact with them about this overdue item.  We charge $15 for processing which helps us to defray the costs of ordering, receiving, cataloging, barcoding and processing the books so that they may be circulated using our library system.

I hope this explanation helps…the short answer is to ask for assistance at the Reference Desk and the Librarian there will do everything possible to assist you in obtaining the material you need. 

Thank you for your feedback,

Anne Ciliberti, Dean of Library Services


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