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Quiet Study Area

Posted by chenglibrary on December 22, 2011

FROM: mike

FEEDBACK:  to whom it may concern, it would be lovely if an employee(s) could be staffed upstairs permanently to enforce the quiet study area since there is always someone or a group loudly having a discussion without thinking about the people trying to study around them. its really becoming quite a nuisance, ive tried emailing the president of the university about this frequent problem, but to no avail. if upstairs is really a quiet study area then could we please enforce this. thank you.


Dear Mike:  Thank you for your feedback on this on-going issue. We understand your frustration and are looking into some new strategies to help manage the problem.  In the short term, however, please report the problem to staff in Lending Services or at the Reference Desk, at the time of the event…we can and will deal with the problem when we’re alerted.  Thank you again and be assured that we are working on some possible new ways to manage noise.

Best wishes,

Anne Ciliberti, Dean of Library Services


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