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Online Book Return Claims Form

Posted by chenglibrary on December 7, 2011

FROM: Stephanie

FEEDBACK:  You need a “Book Return Claim Form” like other libraries like http://library.uvm.edu/about/policies/bkclaim.php so I can have a formal record that I returned a book that is still listed under my name.


Dear Stephanie:

Thank you for the suggestion to create an online Book Return Claim Form; we will certainly consider doing so (we do have a paper form available at the Lending Services desk). However, the link that you included in your feedback is not a “receipt” in the sense of a record that a patron returned a book. The form is simply a way to let the library know that the user believed s/he returned the item so that the library can search for it again.

If you received an overdue notice and believe you returned the book, you may call our Lending Services Department (973-720-3180) or stop by and speak with a staff member.  You will be able to fill out a paper Book Return Claim Form at that time.  However, please note that this is NOT a receipt and all patrons are responsible for the items checked out to their accounts.

Thanks for the suggestion!  

Anne Ciliberti, Library Dean


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