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Posted by chenglibrary on November 22, 2011

FROM: h o t

FEEDBACK: you are sick – turn OFF the heat. N O W.


FEEDBACK:  does this feedback go to the President?  I sincerely hope so.  I am VERY concerned about my tution dollars and how I am being supported as a student?  this is unacceptable.  We need to study and you are underminning this – I will blame you and the library when my professor gives me a bad grade which he probably will since I am unable to work or concentrate or think or move in this library.


FROM: roasting

FEEDBACK: Is this some kind of a sick joke?  it’s nearly 100 degrees in here. I cannot afford to get sick right before FINALS and the holidays.  This school is a joke.


Dear Students:  Please accept our apologies for the HVAC problem on Sunday, when it was uncomfortably warm in the Library. The problem has been corrected and we do not anticipate another peak in temperatures such as we had yesterday. Again, our apologies.

Anne Ciliberti, Dean of Library Services


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