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Posted by chenglibrary on November 3, 2011


1. it’s either too hot or too cold in here.  No matter what its usually uncomfortable.  There is NEVER a reason for it to be 80 degress in here – even if it’s 10 below outside.  People who study here are punished by getting sick.

2. leaking ceiling = mold.  Did anyone check to see if there’s mold growing after all those wet leaking dripping days where the carpet and ceiling are soaked? what are we walking on, breathing and sitting near in the mildew/moldy book area?

3. digusting table tops.  Do these ever get washed?  People eat, rest their feet and heads and their dirty bookbags on these tables.  Everyones drinks make a mess.

4. bathrooms.  Do these ever get cleaned?  toilet paper is everywhere.  water is everywhere. never sure if there will be soap or tp.

5. trash.  Have you noticed that there are crumbs everywhere?  look down!  I see cereal, sun flower seeds, straws, plastic wrappers all on the FLOOR!

Also, what happened to hand sanitizers all over campus?  we really need them in the library.


Dear Library User:

      Thank you for your feedback, which I have passed along to our Facilities and Custodial staff.  There is no question that we’ve had a rough patch with regard to temperature changes and a leaking roof, but I am pleased to report that these problems are diminishing.  Plans are being developed for replacing both the roof and the HVAC system. I will inquire about the hand sanitizers. Thank you again for pointing out these problems! 

Anne Ciliberti,

Dean of Library Services



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