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Too Cold!

Posted by chenglibrary on September 14, 2011

FROM: Shalane Layugan

FEEDBACK:  I have a graduate carrel reserved this semester and every time I am there, the section is too cold. Today, it was so cold I had to move to a different section of the library. This is extremely inconvenient. I have my own reserved desk, but I can’t even sit there without feeling like I’m in a freezer. Please fix this.


Dear Shalane:  Thank you for reporting the too cool temperature in the Graduate Reading  Area, we have reported the problem to Facilities.  That said, I suggest you keep a sweater in the carrel for times like this, since we have been experiencing temperature swings all spring and summer.  As the seasons change, these temperature changes sometimes occur more frequently. 

Best wishes,

Anne Ciliberti, Dean of Library Services


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