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Posted by chenglibrary on April 28, 2011



provide free drinks if you will keep it this hot in here?

can you write a note to my professor excusing the condition of my research due to your equipment?


FROM: student

FEEDBACK: 85 degrees in the library AGAIN. No one can study and it’s finals time. We really need somewhere we can study. That’s supposed to be the library, right?

I don’t believe any of the lies about the AC system. I’ve been here 3 years and this happens every year! Surprise, it’s spring time in April, AGAIN! Turn on the AC earlier geniuses!

It’s obvious that the library and president do not care about students comfort or having a place to study. I pay my own tuition and I’m extremely offended and insulted that library & pres do nothing about this year after year!

Does someone have to faint from heat exhaustion for you to do something?






most professors give exams during preexam week which means that we’re here now trying to study for finals and do final projects.  if you think cooling the building can wait until preexam week your wrong since the most work is getting done now. or not gettting done now since I can’t even type in this tempature.  I will let my prof know that the liberary prevented me from working at my best level.




why is this okay? this heat is unnacceptable.

it’s way too hot.  this needs attention MONDAY (two days ago).



FEEDBACK:  Please put the air conditioning on, it is inhibiting my concentration and studying. It is hard to type this complaint because it so scorching.




We need to study and use the computers here and cant.  Its ridiculously hot and you cant even open the windows.  I keep falling asleep.  Dislike!



Dear Students:  We apologize for your discomfort due to the heat in the Library. Campus Facilities is aware of the problem and is working to correct the situation asap.  I wish there was an easy solution! 

Anne Ciliberti, Library Director


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