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Event for Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Foundation

Posted by chenglibrary on September 30, 2010

FROM: Katie Henry


Good afternoon,

On Friday, October 15, 2010 the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Foundation will host its annual Forum on the Vietnam Era entitled “Now & Then:  Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.”  This year’s Forum will highlight the changing trends of the people who served in terms of their gender, generation, and voluntary or involuntary participation.  The Forum is mainly for educators but the general public is encouraged to attend.  The Forum will provide educators the important scholarly and experienced-based educational tools for developing comparisons between the past and the present.  Each of the three panels will include three individuals who will share their own experiences and knowledge.  Teachers who attend will receive New Jersey Professional Development Credit hours.

I can email you a copy of the pdf of the brochure for this event.  If at all possible could you please make a few available to your visitors? We could greatly appreciate your support and help.

Thank you in advance for your time and attention.  Please let me know if there are any educational services that we currently offer our Traveling Trunks that can utilized for various groups including seniors and students.


Katie Henry

Coordinator of Education Initiatives & Resources

NJ Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Foundation, Inc.


Dear Ms Henry:  Please feel free to send me a pdf of the brochure for our event on October 15 and I will post it in the Cheng Library. I can be reached at cilibertia@wpunj.edu.

Best wishes,

Anne Ciliberti


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