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Posted by chenglibrary on May 11, 2010


FEEDBACK: I am an avid user of this wonderful library. I am in here for at least 3+ hours every weekday. I’m here so much I tell my friends and family I practically dorm at the library. I would like to say I love the library. However I do have some complaints.

1. People listen to their iPod’s a little bit too loud

2. Girl’s need to stop wearing shorts that are the size of belts!

Also I would like to suggest smaller group study rooms. Possibly fit to for one or two people and I am not talking about the small cubicle either.

Thank you for your time


Dear Library User:

Thank you for your feedback about the Cheng Library and your suggestions for improvement!  We understand completely that iPod music sometimes “escapes” and can be bothersome to others. When this happens, feel free to report the issue to a staff member who will ask the user with the iPod to lower the volume.

I think you’ll understand that we do not have a student dress code, so your second suggestion is not an issue that we can address.

We offer a number of different study configurations and locations in the building in an effort to accommodate a variety of preferred study habits. The group study rooms were designed as a means of controlling noise created when groups work together, not to provide private “offices” for users, which your request suggests.  If you have difficulty finding an appropriate study space, please feel free to speak with a staff member who may be able to suggest a suitable location in the building.

Thanks again and I hope this response is helpful.

Anne Ciliberti, Library Director


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