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Posted by chenglibrary on April 29, 2010


FEEDBACK: If you are going to have a time limit on labtops, then there should be the same limit in the computer lab.  It was very frustrating to have to return the borrowed labtop because I was unable to renew it in the middle of my final paper.  It is true I could have been working in the computer lab where there is no time limit, however, people are always on their cell phones or holding conversations and no one is really there to enforce the “silence is golden” rule. You should be able to renew a labtop, if not for the full 3 hours, then maybe half of the time.  And if you are a graduate student, there should not be a time limit or you should have extra time.  I understand that everyone needs computers, but no one was waiting for a labtop at that particular moment so I should have been able to renew it and resume my paper.  What is the point to utilize the library if I have a time limit?  There just needs to be a better policy or more computers.


Dear Laptop User:

Thank you for your feedback about the loaner laptops and the difficulty of renewing a laptop to finish a project.  During this time of the semester there are just never enough desktop or laptop computers to meet all of the demand…are you aware that we have opened up the classroom in the basement as a computer lab during this busy time?  The issue of renewing laptops depends upon how many others are available at any given time.  Generally, staff will renew a laptop loan if there is a supply ready for other users.  If not, a request for renewal is denied in order to serve a greater number of students.

Regarding the problem of students making noise or doing non-academic work in the computer labs, I suggest that you notify staff when this occurs.  Staff at the Reference Desk are available to speak with the students are talking or doing non-academic work.

I hope this reply answers some of your concerns.  Thank you for sharing them with us.

Anne Ciliberti, Library Director


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