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Posted by chenglibrary on September 18, 2009

FROM: New Internet Access/Printing Restrictions for Alumni

FEEDBACK: Hi, I am a WPU 2006 graduate.  I spent my entire four years of undergraduate study at William Paterson, and I really love and support the school.  Since graduating, I have used the Library regularly since I work in nearby Totowa.  Long story short, I understand the University’s take on “going green” and being fiscally conservative on spending.  But I have always been proud of the way William Paterson has treated its alumni, by allowing them to continue to have internet access in the library and use the computer terminals as guest to print documents.  Most other schools don’t do that.  I even just received my WP Magazine, which cover message totes the phrase “A Celebration of William Paterson Alumni”.  So it is a great disappointment to me that the University chose to lump “alumni” in the same category as “guests”, and not allow us wireless internet access on our laptops and no print allowances.  My only suggestion (since this policy is very new and pliable to tweaking) is that alumni should be allowed a print allowance similar to what is allotted for current students.  If students are allowed 600 “free” prints per semester, alumni should at least be allowed half that amount.  Guests without ties to the University should be the only category that receive no allowances.  I felt very slighted last week when I went to campus only to find out that I was no longer able to use my laptop computer for internet access, and in addition to that, I couldn’t even print a document.  This is unfair to the alumni of WPU.  Some privileges of alumni status should be retained.  I hope Willy P. will consider revising the new print policy to include a reduced allowance of prints for alumni students (300 or less), and also allow alumni access (create an “alumni login”) to be able to use wifi or internet ports for their laptops.  I think this is a fair and reasonable suggestion.  Alumni deserve a little bit more respect than your average “guest”.  I was, and still am a part of the WPU community.  Don’t cast me out.  Thanks for taking the time to read.


Dear WPUNJ Graduate:

Thank you for taking the time to offer your perspective on alumni privileges with respect to free printing and access to the Library’s wireless network. As to the former, at this point we have no plans to subsidize printing for alumni, although I have shared your concern with my colleagues.  Students, as you may know, contribute to the printing costs through the Technology Fee.  With respect to the wireless network, I will share your suggestion with Information Systems staff for their consideration.  Your feedback on these issues is important as we do review our policies and procedures regularly.

Thank you again for your input.

Anne Ciliberti, Library Director


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