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Library Heat

Posted by chenglibrary on May 4, 2009

FROM: Overheated WPU student

FEEDBACK: I’m not sure what’s going on here? Why is the heat still on in the library? I’ve been complaining for more than 10 days that it’s excessively hot in here.  The weather and news stations had predicted this “heatwave” for more than a week and still the library/university cannot anticipate it? Why are you so slow to respond?  I am TRYING to study here. I have papers, tests and exams. This is unfair. What is my tution paying for when you cannot even control the air quality in the buildings so that I can do my work?  Will students needs ever come first on this campus?  At least I can sit outside and escape this heat – I feel sorry for the people working in this building. How can you face them – they all deserve raises.  Another embarrassing WPU moment.


Dear Student:

We apologize for the excessive heat in the Library last week due to unseasonably warm temperatures. The best explanation I can provide is that the building’s HVAC system, unlike the one in your home, is complex and requires that the heat system actually be shut down before the air conditioning can be started up.  This switch takes time and Facilities staff, who responded very quickly to the problem on Monday morning. That said, I know it was uncomfortable over weekend when it was so warm. But, the worst is over and we should be fine now.

Thanks for your feedback,

Anne Ciliberti, Library Director


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