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Headphone Noise

Posted by chenglibrary on February 18, 2009

FROM: Hollye Richardson

I know that it is difficult to monitor every person that comes into the library but I would like to know why it is that patrons using headsets are not monitored as to the volume of what it is they are listening to? This is quite disturbing and a major reason why I prefer to do studying either at home or in the student center. at least in those locations I can tune out the noise because I know it is to be expected whereas the libraary you expect to quite. I know that I am not the only person that feels this way as I have seen others looking up towards the distracting sounds but continue on because it seems as though everyone else (library staff as well) has condoned such behavior.

Tuesday – 10:34 AM – February 10, 2009


Dear Ms Richardson:
Thank you for taking the time to share your frustration about noise escaping from headsets in the Library. As you note, staff cannot monitor every Library user but they can and will intercede when they are aware of a problem…either by encountering it themselves or when others report a problem to them.  My best advice is to ask the person to turn down the volume or, if you are uncomfortable approaching the user directly, simply report the problem to a staff member at either the Lending or Reference service desks. They will be happy to make the request to the headset user.
Thanks again for sharing your problem with us.

Anne Ciliberti, Library Director


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