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Library web page is hard to read

Posted by chenglibrary on October 6, 2008

FROM: Rebecca Schaffer


The Library’s home page is hard to read. The text seems to be cluttered and disorganized. I think if the text was separated into logical groups and small icons were used it would be easier to create a natural progression for your eye to follow. I also think that the mouse-over is a good idea, unfortunately with the layout of the web page right now it only makes it feel more cluttered.

Received date: Thursday – 08:50 PM – October 2, 2008


Dear Rebecca,

Thank you very much for taking the time to provide feedback about the Library’s web page. We appreciate user comments and feel that they are an important part of making the pages better for all users. We agree that the Library page has become dense with information and sometimes hard to find what is wanted. The Library is working with University Information Systems to redesign all the web pages to produce a more uniform and easy-to-navigate result. We hope to soon have a new set of pages where the information is clustered in more orderly groupings with graphics and navigation that make it visually simpler, yet still providing access to a large number of resources. Please stay tuned! We’re listening!


Kurt W. Wagner
Head of Library Information Systems &
Web Manager


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