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Posted by chenglibrary on December 14, 2007


FEEDBACK:  I thought the library was supposed to be quiet. There’s too much talking and listening to music music.  Last night in one of the rooms sounded like a party was going on. Today someone was listening to music. You need more library personnel patroling the upstairs.


Dear Student:


Thank you for your feedback about noise in the Library.  It gives me an opportunity to remind Library users that they must be considerate of others and that noise often interrupts serious study and reading.  If you encouter others being loud (either music or conversation), you should feel comfortable approaching Library staff at either the Reference or Lending Service desks.  Staff will be glad to speak to the offending loud parties.  We do try to patrol the study areas, especially during busy times of the semester, but we do not always encounter the same groups as you!


Thank you again for your input.

Anne Ciliberti, Library Director



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